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Back to the Field Spotlight: McKenna Quinn

Today kicks off our spotlight features of the brands who will be attending our Back to the Field Party on August 23rd in our Tyler, Texas location in conjunction with Stewards of the Wild.

First up: McKenna Quinn.

In a day and age where finding women in fields and streams is becoming more and more common, the outdoor sporting industry doesn't have much to offer women in the way of trendy apparel. Amber Haynes recognized the need to bring fashion to the field and set out to meet that need when she founded McKenna Quinn in 2017.

McKenna Quinn Founder, Amber Haynes

Today, McKenna Quinn boasts elegant, trendy and functional women's hunting and fishing apparel proudly made in the USA right here in the great state of Texas. From shooting shirts to upland pants to vests, McKenna Quinn will you ready for the field or the stream by the time you leave our party.

Miller's Point Founder, Amber Miller, loves that her McKenna Quinn pieces are feminine and made for women, which means her days of simply sizing down in men's pieces are over. 

Amber Miller in her McKenna Quinn Upland Pants

We are looking forward to having Amber Haynes and the McKenna Quinn team at our event. We know you ladies will fall in love with her timeless pieces!

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