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Barbour: Not Your Ordinary Jacket

Miller's Point explains Barbour Jackets

When it comes to jackets, it’s important to have that one reliable jacket that will give you all the warmth and protection you need from Mother Nature. Especially in Texas, the weather changes drastically and can be impossible to predict. I always thought I could get by with my Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T, but even that has its limitations from rain and sharp winds. I never really believed that you could have a good looking jacket with the comfort and protection needed while still being lightweight. Then a miracle from God happened, and I received my first Barbour jacket.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Barbour is an International brand that is renowned for it’s iconic waxed jackets. The brand is also recognized by it’s signature tartan that is often referred to as the “Queen’s tartan”, and has made its way into the Royal families closets as well! These jackets have been worn by Queen Elizabeth, the late Princess Diana, Prince William and Harry, and even Daniel Craig as James Bond in the film Skyfall. If this brand is deemed fit for the royal family, then it should be suitable for anyone! Now that you have some knowledge of the brand, let’s take a look at the Barbour jacket styles.

There are three different main styles of waxed jackets for men: the Beaufort, the Bedale, and the Ashby (pictured in order). Each are unique and different, yet serve the same purpose and protection from a variety of conditions. The Beaufort is the longest of the three, is fully lined on the inside, and has a game pouch on the back for hunting. The Bedale and Ashby are cut three inches shorter than the Beaufort for a modern look, and the Bedale has a classic fit while the Ashby is more tailored. Both are partially lined on the inside and have rear studded buttons on the coattail. All three jackets are coated with a Sylkoil coating, making them weather resistant, and each has added studs on the collar allowing for a detachable hood.

The jacket in my possession is the Barbour Ashby in the classic olive color. At first glance this jacket looks super heavy, but I was mind-blown when I tried it on. Its super lightweight design is perfect for our weather conditions here in Texas. This past winter’s weather was very unpredictable, lots of rain and cold days. Normally, I’d wear multiple layers if I were to go out, but in the lower 30 degree weather I was set with just a long sleeve Henley and my Ashby! It even got to a point where I was a little too warm. On rainy days, the jacket kept me dry thanks to it’s wax coat, and although I don’t have the hood, I would definitely recommend investing in one! The design of this jacket is also perfect for dressing up or for just casual wear, and you’ll definitely get a lot a great compliments on it! Lastly, the price on this is pretty decent, but it‘s a lifetime investment that will pay itself off. We’ve had customers tell us they’ve had their jackets for a decade or more!

Barbour is a great brand that I would suggest to almost anyone who is looking for a new jacket to serve them for lifetime. The history and hard work is built into each jacket and it shows from its beautiful style!

#StayOnPoint with Barbour!


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