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Fall is Here!

Fall Bucket List

Fall is synonymous with crisp cool air, football games, bonfires, apple cider, and of course—our favorite fall fashion trends.

Lots of people would argue that autumn is the best season of the year. It’s the season where we dress up in fun or creepy costumes for Halloween, visit haunted houses, go trick-or-treating, and gather with our families for thanksgiving, celebrate Christmas and all the wonderful things that come with it. For Sarah Allen, “It look(s) like the world is covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon,”—and what could be better than that?!

Make the most of the fall season by creating a fall bucket list: a list of things you would like to do this fall! Here are some ideas to get you started. Enjoy!

1. Transform your closet into the ideal fall wardrobe. Grab a sweater that is so soft you never want to take it off. Replace your “dark” colors with more vibrant hues for fall—like pumpkin, emerald green, mustard yellow, teals, and rich chocolate browns. One of my favorite fall must-haves is anything FLANNEL! You can never go wrong with a good flannel.

2. Go on adventures—even if it’s just a walk in the park listening to the crisp leaves crunching beneath your boots. Get out and do something!

3. On second thought, stay home, cozied up in your comfy sweater (from #1), and watch a marathon of good-for-the-soul Thanksgiving/Christmas movies!

4. Have a “basic” photoshoot in a pumpkin patch or in the fallen leaves. Just do it—you won’t regret it. Pictures are something you can cherish forever. If you don’t like to be in pictures, have a photoshoot for your fur baby—that works too!

5. One of the newest trends for fall, leaf art! There are tons of tutorials on how to make awesome leaf art to display in your home all season long! Crafting gives you a few minutes (or hours in my case) to forget about the world around you. It’s just you, a hot glue gun, and leaves. How to make fall leaf art

6. Have a backyard football game with friends or family.

7. Make chili! Find an old family recipe.

8. Go for a hay ride—haunted or not, your preference!

9. Bake cookies.

10. One of my all-time favorites, bake pumpkin seeds! Some people say it is an acquired taste, but it’s something you will want to try!

11. Visit a pumpkin patch.

12. Go apple picking.

13. Carve your pumpkins for more fall decorations! (Don’t forget to bake those seeds!)

14. Throw a Halloween party!

15. Host a Friends-giving!

16. Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV.

17. Go Black Friday shopping—at least once in your life. That might the one and only time you go, but it is something everyone should experience.

18. Gather friends for a white elephant Christmas. Here’s how to play!

What’s on your fall bucket list?


 Bethany Holmen is the Store manager for Miller's Point Tyler

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