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Logo Vs. Non-Logo Apparel

Logo Vs Non-Logo

If you took a look into my closet, you’d see a variety of brands and different style of clothes. From Patagonia to Barbour, from dress shirt to t-shirt, everything is neatly hung in my closet. If the choice was up to me, I’d leave my house every day in either a Patagonia t-shirt and Nike shorts, or a performance polo from Southern Marsh or Southern Shirt and a pair of Patagonia Baggies. It’s not just because I love these brands, its due to the fact that they feel comfortable to wear. On the other hand, while feeling like a living advertisement billboard wearing these clothes, I’ve noticed that most of my clothing have turned towards non-logo pieces.

I prefer non-logo clothing for many multiple reasons. One reason would be that it’s more professional looking to not have a brand logo stick out like sore thumb on a dress shirt. It also keeps people around me guessing what brand I’m wearing, and what’s in style. A major reason that I prefer non-logo clothing, is to keep my price tag subdued. I hate flaunting how much I’ve paid for something or making tangible objects subject to social status, I bought the clothes because I believe in the brand and the quality of the product.

Some of my favorite non-logo brands and pieces come from Patagonia, Barbour, and Vineyard Vines. From Patagonia, the Lighweight Fjord Flannels are my go to in the Fall time! They are very comfortable to wear by itself or to throw over a t-shirt unbuttoned. From Barbour, the Tailored dress shirts are great to wear out to any event. And from Vineyard Vines, the Murray Shirts are great as well to dress up in or dress down. Although there are sleek brand tags on these pieces, nobody will really be able to tell due to their well discreet placing. All in all, whether you prefer a tucked or untucked shirts, these brands offer the greatest selection in non-logo pieces to add to your collection.

Barbour Shirt

Patagonia Shirt

Vineyard Vines Shirt

Rob Espinosa is the Store Manager at Miller's Point



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