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Paddle Boarding ft. Bote Boards

It’s hard to find any information on the true beginnings of stand up paddle boarding, but it seems it has been around in some form for thousands of years. If you think about it, ancient cultures used boards, canoes, and really, anything they could get their hands on, as a means of survival. Propelled by some type of stick, people moved themselves through the water to fish, to silently get into enemy territory during war, and even for entertainment. Modern stand up paddling does have some undeniable Hawaiian roots. In the 1940s, Hawaiian surf instructors would stand on their boards with a paddle to have a better view of their students and the incoming swells. Paddling has evolved through the years from surfing into the widely popular sport that it is today.

Paddle Boards

Paddling is a great way to get out in the water-especially for those of you who may end up with motion sickness from participating in more traditional water sports.

So, why am I sharing all of this with you? Well, I’m glad you asked.

In two words: Bote Boards

 Bote Paddle Board



Bote is taking the industry by storm and is becoming increasingly more popular with paddlers around the world. Why is that?

Bote Boards are top notch.

Corey and Magda Cooper started the company on the notion that they loved the “idea”…but hated the product; both form and function. Corey wanted a board that was stable enough to fish from, yet paddled efficiently. A board that could hold a cooler for his beer. A board that was simple, fresh and fit their lifestyle. A board that virtually anybody at any age could paddle with ease. It needed the capabilities of a boat with the simplicity of a board. And, it needed to look good…really good. (via)

And so they did.

The innovation behind Bote Boards truly sets them apart from any other board out there. They have thought of everything. From their paddles to the Tackle Rac and even down to the Cooler Kit– it’s all there. Everything you need for the best paddling experience possible.

Stop by either of our stores (Tyler or Nacogdoches), check the website, shoot us an email, Facebook message, whatever floats your boat (board?). Let our team help you find the right board for you and share with you why you won’t regret investing in a Bote Board. It truly is a lifestyle, and you won’t ever look back!

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