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Spring Break

Whoever you are, it’s Spring Break in most places across the US this week. That means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Maybe you’re on a beach somewhere, sipping something strong (take me with you!) or maybe you’re stuck at home spending the week with those delightful children of yours. (Mine were in my office with me Monday-I got a lot done.)

I remember counting down the days to Spring Break when I was in high school and college. I lived for it. A break from school? An excuse to go to the beach? Yes, please. Ski trip? Let’s go. We could decide the week before and just leave on a dime. I didn’t realize at the time just how fantastic that was.



Fast forward a few years.

Our first married Spring Break we went….

to the drugstore to get a pregnancy test.

Pregnant. For Spring Break we got pregnant. Surprise! Baby #1.


A couple of years ago we spent Spring Break skiing eating in New Mexico. My husband stays in shape, works out every day and LOVES to ski. I make and raise babies. And as long as no one dies, I call it a successful day. And did I mention I like food? We haven’t been in that newlywed Spring Break stage for quite a few years, so being the awesome wife that I am, I thought I’d rekindle that spontaneity we once had and spend the day on the slopes with him. I could see the excitement  in the smug grin he just thought he was hiding behind that beard of his. I quickly realized on that trip that I’m not as young as I once was. By the end of the day, my skiing style was along the lines of: at least I didn’t die (that theme seems ever present in my life). And I think he was only laughing to hide his disappointment of a ski day. And now I spend my days shopping and eating delicious food while he skis. And everyone is happy.


This years Spring Break can be summed up by this photo. My kids sitter was diagnosed with the flu over the weekend, so for the first time in two months, my five and three year olds have been with me for three four straight days… because it’s Spring Break and all of our other sitters are in college and on vacation. Circle of life? I think so.

Spring Break changes as you get older, but I wouldn’t trade it. As I’m typing, my youngest just came in my office and with his sticky hands put a yellow ball cap (red. It’s red. We really need to work on our colors.) on my head that has some sort of unknown liquid all over it. But even as I wonder what that liquid could possibly be (does it smell? Is it sticky? Did he get into the cleaning supplies?), my heart swells because he’s so proud of his kind gesture.

Wherever you are this Spring Break, enjoy yourself. Or hang in there. Whichever applies to you this year. Things change as you get older, but we hope that you always embrace the stage of life you’re in and enjoy it while it lasts. Even when your Spring Break doesn’t quite look like those college years anymore.

And while you’re enjoying, snap a photo and share it on social media with hashtag #mpspringbreak for your chance to win a $100 Miller’s Point gift card! Contest ends Sunday, 3/19, winner announced 3/20. If you’re sporting Miller’s Point gear in your photo, you get an extra entry by tagging #mpswag.

Happy Spring Break, friends!

xoxo, Tyler (the marketing girl)

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